Sunday, 10 August 2014

The British Tag

I saw this tag by Sammi on her Youtube channel and, as a massive fan of all things British, I was excited to give it a go, so here it is!

How many cups of tea do you have a day?/How many sugars?I used to drink a ridiculous number of cups of tea in a day, especially when I was working in an office I'd easily drink 8 cups, oops! Now that I'm making an effort to be more healthy, I usually have one cup of tea with breakfast, one in the evening and green tea in between.
Oh and, no sugars! Sugar ruins a good brew!

Favourite part of your roast...
 I love roasts and, being a vegetarian, I really love the veggies. Honey roast parsnips are my all-time favourites, I'm also a massive fan of crispy roast potatoes, and Yorkshires, and broccoli and...

Favourite dunking biscuit...
Without a doubt Fruit Shortcake mmmm..!

Favourite quintessentially British pastime...
 I absolutely love afternoon tea or, failing that, a cream tea will make me extremely happy. There is nothing I love more than sitting outside on a sunny day eating scones and finger sandwiches and drinking loose leaf tea from a tea pot.
When the budget doesn't quite stretch to a lavish afternoon tea, a picnic will make me equally as happy, especially is there's some bubbly involved!

Favourite word...
Is it normal to have a favourite word? Nothing sprung to mind as quickly as I would have shouted my favourite colour if you had asked a 4 year old me. 
Actually 'quintessential', that's a good word!

Cockney Rhyming Slang...
A few years ago 'apples and pears' would have been my best shot but having a boyfriend from London means that I have picked up a whole vocabulary of rhyming slang (mostly from Russell's dad)...
Apples and Pears - Stairs
Trouble and Strife - Wife
Dog and Bone - Phone
Boat Race - Face
Plates of Meat - Feet
Half-inch - Pinch
and the list goes on...!

Favourite sweet...
I'm not a massive fan of sweets (I know, I know...). I do love Jelly Tots though, although I rarely buy them as I can't stop myself from eating the whole bag, yes the big sharing bag.

What would your pub be called?
I spent my summer holidays of college working in a pub called The Fox and Hounds and it still holds a special place in my heart, so I wouldn't be able to resist paying it a tribute with a similar name. Perhaps The Rose and Fox for a more feminine twist, or maybe that's just odd!

No.1 British Person...
Kate Middleton, I absolutely love her style and I am always so envious of her gorgeous hair, not to mention baby George.

Favourite shop / restaurant?
 Favourite shop/restaurant...It has to be John Lewis, they sell everything you could imagine and it's all so beautiful!
Favourite shop / restaurant?
Favourite shop / restaurant?

What British song pops into your head?
Spice Girls - Stop
When I was younger I spent so much time with the other children from my road making up dance routines. We'd practice for hours and then perform them on the green to our parents. Stop was one of our favourite performances and I can still remember the dance - cringe.

I love marmite and I think it's especially amazing on crumpets. Unfortunately, Russell is the opposite and hates Marmite so it's always a secret when I pop it in any recipes (like cottage pie, yum!).

I hope you enjoyed the tag and, as always, I tag everyone reading this.

Let me know in the comments if you do this tag or you've already done it.

Jade Rebecca x