Monday, 23 September 2013

What's in My beauty Products #2 - AHAs

I've been away from blogging for what seems like ages, I've been really busy and finding time for writing blog posts and taking photos has just been impossible. I'm now back from a short break in Ireland (sadly no haul post, everything was so expensive!) and here's my second 'What's in my Beauty Products' post.

The first I heard of AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids, was in a product review that said something along the lines of 'this product contains AHAs - beware'. Needless to say I mentally put AHAs in the skincare ingredient sinbin and didn't touch anything containing them for quite a while. Whilst on my 'I don't like AHAs rampage' I kept seeing products advertising AHAs as a key ingredient and realised I didn't actually know what was wrong with them and afterall, why would a product be screaming and shouting about an ingredient that does no good?

AHAs are naturally found in fruits and milk but can also be synthetically produced, their benefits mostly stem from their ability to aid the natural shedding of dead skin cells. The exfoliating properties of AHAs are great for achieving extra soft skin and helping to unclog pores, they are even thought to decrease the appearance of fine lines.

So where's the catch? The only downside to AHAs is that they cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sun, I don't really see that as much of a problem because you should already be using SPF on your face (at least) every day and that will protect against the heightened sun sensitivity.

A lot of skincare products contain a small amount of AHAs and chemical peels contain a much more concentrated amount, high levels of AHAs can cause irritation which is why such levels are left for professionals to handle.

Like the sound of some AHAs for a good old exfoliate? It is unlikely that you'll actually find 'AHA' on the ingredients of any skincare products, they actually come in the form of many acids, including glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid.

Here's a couple of products containing AHAs:

Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth Body Lotion

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser

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  1. I feel like you have been gone far too long! :)
    I've been using the Nip and Fab Glycolic fix serum and it is honestly the best thing I've ever put on my face, I don't use an SPF though so really ought to get one :/
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. Great post, I love reading things like this! Hope you had a fab time in Ireland too, its on my travel wish list!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. the packaging of soap & glory reminds me of benefit!:)