Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Haul

I didn’t really expect to be writing a haul post anytime soon; since we decided to go travelling Russell and I have been leading a very budget conscious lifestyle, but I decided that everyone needs a bit of a splurge every once in a while and here is mine!

The haul mentally started when I got home from work to find that Russell had ordered me this gorgeous dress from River Island.

As soon as I saw it, I started putting an outfit together and it seemed to conveniently consist of items I didn’t already own. I had also almost run out of moisturiser and I had had my eye on a few new skincare products for a while so what better excuse!

This is such a flattering bodycon dress and it has a gorgeous low back (that's not low enough to show your bra, yay!).

I usually really struggle to find jeans that fit perfectly but these are an amazing fit. They are from the '4 Way Stretch Fabric' range which I think makes such a difference to the fit and makes them so easy to move in despite being superskinny!

I wanted a biker jacket to go with the yellow floral dress and I love how this one has a slightly feminine twist with not having a collar. I also think it was an amazing price.

I do like the idea of jelly shoes but I don't feel quite ready to dive into the fully jelly shoe trend so I think these are a great compromise of the jelly shoe comfort and a more subtle style.

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring Brown £3.75
I have quite long and thick hair and having it up usually means that it needs to stay up until it's washed thanks to the massive kink that won't budge. I was a bit dubious about whether the Invisibobble would hold my hair but I’ve read some great reviews. I’m hoping I lose the kink as well as pony-tail induced headaches.

Soap & Glory PuffyEye Attack £12.50
I was attracted to the Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack thanks to its amazing claims (anti-dark circle and anti-puff), as I’m more concerned about puffy eyes than wrinkles. I also really like that this is a gel formula, I’m just hoping it lives up to the claims!

La Roche-Posay EffaclarMat £14
I loved Effaclar Duo so I’m looking forward to trying this moisturiser. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but I do like the idea of using gentle products so I find myself drawn to La Roche-Posay, Vichy and the likes. I don’t have as oily skin as I used to but I still find that my nose gets shiny throughout the day so I hope that this will moisturise and mattify without being too harsh.
Nip + Fab GlycolicFix Serum £14.95
I’ve been eyeing this up for a while so when I saw Megan (at Megan Roisinn) mention this in a post when I was scrolling through her blog, it gave me the final push to give it a go. Effaclar Duo was a Godsend when I was going through a particularly spotty stage but the spots have now calmed and I am looking forward to trying something different. The range aims to fight fine wrinkles as well as enlarged pores which is perfect for me since I’ve suddenly started worrying about getting wrinkles!

I had five black pots to return to Lush so I picked this face mask to have free. I was also given a sample of the Love Lettuce fask mask as I couldn't decide which would be best for my oily skin.

This was another freebie thanks to the John Lewis 150th Anniversary voucher. I was surprised to get such a good size product to trial and I was really impressed at how helpful the lady at the Liz Earle counter was without trying to sell me anything. I am so excited to try this, as both my sister and step-mum are devout users.

What do you think of these products?

Jade Rebecca


  1. Replies
    1. I love how summery it is! I tend to wear it with the biker jacket on cooler days so I can still get away with the yellow without looking like a mad tourist! x

  2. I hope you get on with Nip and Fab - oddly enough I've switched from that to Effaclar Duo! I have to say with both I find more results when I first begin using them so I'm trying to use them on rotation now :)
    Megan x

    1. I'm really liking the Nip & Fab, only thing is I find it a little sticky so I've been using it before bed not twice a day like I did with Effaclar Duo. I was thinking of using one morning and one night but I don't particularly like the idea of putting a million things on my face in one day!

  3. That dress from River Island is amazing - love yellow in the summer!
    Eve & Faye x
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    1. It's great, it just means I want to wear it every single day when it's sunny...! x

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  5. Love that dress, very summery! Really want to try the Lush face masks trying to get more into skincare so I have taken a note of a few of these products ahha!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. The Lush face masks are great, it's just a shame that they need to be kept in the fridge - I often forget they're there!


  6. What a fab haul! The Liz Earle hot cloth polish is on my need list! I use the nspa hot cloth polish and it's fab, but I want to compare it against that one.

    Kirsty ❤ More of Me ❤