Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Flexitol Hand Balm

I wanted my first post to be about something I love that hasn't been written about hundreds of times before. So here's the most super amazing fabulous "insert more adjectives here" (yes I really love it that much) Flexitol Hand Balm For Very Dry Skin.

It's name is a mouthful and the tube will never be the most attractive thing in your hand bag, but the contents more than makes up for its appearance.

I've had awfully dry hands for as long as I can remember. My mum suffers the same and had allergy tests to find out that she's allergic to nichol, she works in a bank so her horribly cracked and dry skin makes sense, unfortunately I don't handle thousands of coins a day so I'm still not sure what my problem is!

My hands are always worse in the winter so in January, out of desparation after trying tens of other counter and prescription creams I bought this Flexitol beauty.

The balm is quite thick but is absorbed well, it leaves my hands a little shiny but it doesn't look 'bad'.

The smell's nothing exciting, if anything it has a slight medicinal smell.

I used the balm as recommended 2-3 times a day, I did this for a few weeks and, when I started to use it less often my hands stayed lovely and soft. I now use the balm once a day and my hands are better than they have ever been.

In case you're still wondering, I would definitely recommend this! If you're after a beautiful smell you could use this balm morning and night and use something 'prettier' in the day time.

Jade Rebecca

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