Monday, 26 August 2013

Getting Fit For... Winter

I missed out on the traditional 'getting fit for summer' so I'm going for my very own 'getting fit for winter'. There's reason for my madness I promise!

You probably know that I'm studying law at university, I've always had a fascination with the subject and have really enjoyed the work experience that I have been lucky enough to have done. The thing is I also really really love working closely with people who I feel I can really help and whose lives I can make even a tiny difference to.

SO... I'm looking into other careers where I can work with a wide range of people, one day I'd love to work with young offenders or as a probabtion officer but that's just not the sort of thing you can walk out of uni into (not that anything really is at the moment).

I've applied to volunteer at a prison and am currently applying to be a Special Constable (a volunteer policewoman) to get some experience in the kind of thing I'd like to do. To be a Special Constable a certain level of fitness is required, I wouldn't consider myself to be unfit as such but there's certainly room for improvement!

 This post needed a picture so here's m doing some aqua aerobics with my sister and dad in St Lucia!

I used to trampoline, play netball and go to aerobics classes, then university took over and I just ran out of time. I find motivation really difficult in the gym so I decided to try out a few group excercise classes and see if I can find a perfect match. Over the next few weeks I hope to try aerobics, cycling, step aerobics, circuit training, aqua fitness and outdoor fitness. After each session I will write a review and keep you updated with how I'm getting on.

Have you tried any fitness classes?


  1. Working with young offenders sounds really really interesting; working with young people is something I'd like to go into if my media stuff doesn't work out!

    I'm hoping to get started with going to the gym once uni starts - I need to have a routine to fit it in otherwise I just won't end up going.

    Megan xx

    1. I've always really enjoyed working with young people, they're so much more open and willing to make changes than 'adults' haha. I didn't realise you did media, I did a Media Law module last year and loved it!

      Good luck with the gym, I'm so much better with group classes because I book in advance and have to be there at a certain time.


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