Friday, 9 August 2013

How have I not discovered this site before?!

I was reading Miss Makeup Magpie's blog and came across her Fragrance Direct Haul, when I saw how much she managed to get so cheaply I knew I had to check the site out.

Despite the name, Fragrance Direct stock cosmetics, skincare, haircare and gifts as well as frangrance, they have sold directly to the public since 1993 and now sell discounted products through their website and their store in Cheshire.

The Fragrance Direct website states that they are able to offer great prices due to their low overheads (only one store etc), however many of their products do seem to be discontinued lines. Unless you're one to only buy the 'lastest thing', there's no reason not to buy discontinued lines if you're after a bargain (unless you're likely to get very upset when you fall in love with a product and find you can't replace your empty).

The site is really easy to use, with plenty of filter and sorting options to display the products (you'll find you'll need to use this unless you have hours to spare as there are so many products available). I mostly sorted products by discount high-low as I wasn't after anything in particular and some products are only reduced by a small amount.

I chose four items to purchase and was plesantly surprised when I placed my order and found that postage prices are reasonable, £1.99 for standard delivery (5-7 days after dispatch), £2.99 for express delivery (2-4 days) and £7.99 for next day delivery.

When browsing the internet for information on Fragrance Direct, I came across a similar site, Cosmetic Fairy but I found it a lot more difficult to browse as there aren't many options for sorting products and the filters don't seem to work very well. Needless to say I lost my patience with Cosmetic Fairy and didn't order anything!
I'm excited for my parcel to arrive, I did choose standard delivery as I'll be a away quite a bit over the next couple of weeks so I probably won't be able to receive the delivery anyway. I'll do another post when everything's arrived but won't be doing reviews on the discontinued items (I wouldn't want to get you all excited about something you can't buy anymore!).

Have you used Fragrance Direct?
What's your favourite discount cosmetic site?

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