Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My New Favourite Snack

I can't get enough of the Barbecue Popchips, I wouldn't say they're quite 'guilt free' but I feel better about eating them than most other snacks available for my lunch break.

Someone I work with kept raving about the sweet and salty Katy's Kettle Corn flavour, he kept telling me that it's just like when you mix sweet and salted popcorn together at the cinema... do people even do that?!

Lo and behold when I went to get Popchips yesterday there were no barbecue ones to be seen, either everyone else had realised just how yummy they are or my friend had hidden them all out the back...

I reluctantly picked up a bag of Katy's Kettle Corn (and some Sour Cream & Onion Popchips, just in case I had to take the taste away!), I have to say I was actually really intrigued and tried them straight away and they are so good!

I can't really describe the taste, apart from 'sweet and salty popcorn', but it really does work.

Before you all run out and get yourself a bag (if you haven't already tried them) here's a few Katy's Kettle Corn Popchip facts:
-There are 128 calories per bag, a bag of Walkers Ready Salted has 133 calories (so no big difference there)
-A bag of Katy's Kettle Corn has 3.9g of fat whereas a bag of Walkers Ready Salted has 8.5g
-Katy Perry created the Katy's Kettle Corn 'flavour'.

Apologies for the photo of the empty bag, I couldn't wait long enough to take a photo before I tucked in!

What's your favourite 'not so guilty' snack?

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