Thursday, 8 August 2013

Spotlight on the Infamous Face Wipe

My last two posts were about food, as much as I enjoy eating and baking I thought it was time for another beauty related post.

Face wipes are often shunned by beauty and skincare lovers and for good reasons, but is there really no place for the lonely face wipe in a skincare routine?

The thought of a face wipe instantly takes me back to when I was younger and hadn't quite got to grips with good skincare (using blemish sticks was actually about the extent of my 'routine' back then) I would remove makeup daily with a face wipe, sometimes even a baby wipe, urrghhh. I only have memories of the rough wipe, goodness knows how I didn't question what it was doing to my poor skin.

Removing makeup is best done with a micellar water or makeup remover followed by a cleanser, and for some a toner, although this is becoming more and more redundant in the everyday beauty routine. Using a good quality makeup remover with soft cotton pads requires less 'scrubbing', which is better for the skin, especially the delicate eye area.

So, what is the point of face wipes? Most beauty brands have face wipes in at least one of their ranges, some are realistic and recommend using them after a late night out or a workout at the gym, but some do seem to suggest that they're a great product for removing makeup and even waterproof mascara.

If you have the time to remove makeup properly, do it, if not, make some time. If all else fails I doubt makeup wipes will do you any serious damage, but you should question all the goodness of cleansing products that you're missing out on.

Ultimately I'll always stick to a proper makeup removal routine, even when I don't get in from work until midnight I make sure I keep it up.  I do, however, think that face wipes can have their uses, removing makeup with a wipe after a late night is definitely better than not removing it at all and, if you can't face going to the gym without makeup on, a post workout refreshing wipe would be very welcome.

What do you think of the humble face wipe?


  1. I used to only ever use face wipes and sometimes baby wipes!! ARH!
    I've stopped buying so even when I'm drunk I have to take my makeup off properly.
    I've noticed such a big difference in my skin since stopping! xx

    Rachael |

    1. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one guilty of the baby wipe crime!
      I don't actually own any wipes at the moment either, it means there's no excuse!
      Looking back I can totally see why I was a spotty teenager!