Saturday, 24 August 2013

NOTD: Models Own Hot Stuff - Mirrorball

I have a thing for sparkly nails, they can make any polish that little bit more exciting. I recently had Barry M Prickly Pear under a glitter blue OPI polish and when that started looking a little worse for wear I couldn't help but create a similar style with different colours, I can be more adventurous, I promise!

So here's Models Own Hot Stuff - Mirrorball over a Boots manicure pink polish. I love the glitter colours of Hot Stuff so wanted quite a pale base that would really show them off.

Hot Stuff is a great polish, it took a bit of patience to get the glitter relatively even as the polish is quite thick but a bit of patience is worth it for the finish. I always use a top coat as most polishes would be gone in secondsif I didn't, thanks to my job, but if you're inclined to give the top coat stage a miss, Hot Stuff would still look great.

Unfortunately I realised I was in a bit of a rush to leave for work after doing my nails so I attempted to put my hair up with not quite dry nails, needless to say it all went a bit wrong and I had to take it all off. My impatience does mean that there may be another NOTD post very soon though!

What Models Own polishes do you use?



  1. I love glittery nails, these are so pretty.. It's made me want to go out and by more glittery polishes :)!

  2. I loveee glitter nail polish and usually paint my whole nail with the glitter, extra sparkly! But since reading this and looking at the picture where you've only used a small amount of glitter, it actually looks really nice and I'm going to try that next :) xx